Part 1: Inspiring Aroma Massage for you and myself / Part 2: Caregivers Discussion

05/30/2015 15:00

5/30 Sat.  15:00 - 18:00 PM @JAA (=Japanese American Association of NY 49 West 45th Street, 11th Floor New York, NY 10036  

Part 1:Inspiring and Quick Aroma Therapy Massage For You & I


Just ahead of summer's arrival, HEIAN will present Inspiring and Quick Aroma Therapy Massage For You & I!
You can practice it on yourself and someone else right after learning the quick self-massage and hand massage methods.
Why not refresh yourself by using it? And, if you learn this hand massage for "someone special", you can refresh them WHENEVER and WHEREVER! You can be an instant HEALER!! :)
Participation Fee: $5 including Lavendar oil as a souvenir   Register below by 5/26 Tue.
Part 2: Caregivers Support Network
This one hour discussion forum takes place after the initial HEIAN event. 
Last time, we discussed "Preparation for my departure to the after life"
During the session, "10 Step Preparation List Before My Departure" was introduced. The list was created for ourselves to live with dignity until the last day, and for the person who takes care of these matters after our departure.
This time, we focus on thinking about some of the difficult points in each step based on the list.
Our next step is to organize our lives as much as we can at this point, and start creating our own "Bucket List" so we canmake the listed items happen!
Let's get started organiing so we can live vividly now!
Register below by 5/26 Tue. If you participate in only Part 2, please join us without registration!